Husky Pride Fund

Husky Pride Fund

The Husky Pride Fund is a scholarship foundation managed by the Associated Students of the University of Washington. Its vision is to provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students at the UW as a scholarship which has been created and organized by UW students for their peers. In previous years, the Husky Pride Fund disbursed scholarships that enabled students to enhance their Husky experience through studying abroad. The fund provided three students with $2,000 to participate in Exploration Seminars, month long study abroad programs. This year, the Husky Pride Fund will be shifting towards a new direction to support students experiencing and at risk for homelessness. The Husky Pride Fund now disburses scholarships that enable students to live in a safe and appropriate environment while here at the UW. Currently the Fund gives scholarships for students who are in need of emergency financial assistance in regards to their living situations.


Contact information to stay updated about Husky Pride Fund

If you are a student who is in need of this fund, please contact the Office of Financial Aid Director, Kay Lewis (

If you are interested in learning more about the Husky Pride Fund, please contact the Health and Wellness Director, Shannon Bailie (

If you are interested in supporting the Husky Pride Fund, please contact the ASUW Director of Campus Partnerships, Hakikat Bains (